Haul Your Horses LLC.   
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Are you a legally licensed hauler?   
Yes. USDOT: 2204920; MC: 765080; PUCO: 509279

Will my horse be insured?   
Yes. A $2,000 mortality insurance is provided. Insurance in excess of $2,000 must be provided by the horse owner/shipper.

How often do you stop during the trip?   
At least every four to five hours - the truck sits for about 15 to 30 minutes, providing time for the horses to relax and urinate.

When will my horse get water?  
Horses in box stalls have water accessible at all times.  Horses in straight stalls have water offered at the beginning and end of each stop.

What will my horse eat?
To prevent any digestive upset on the trip, we like to keep the horse eating the same quality hay that they are used to. This will be supplied by the shipper. 

What if my horse needs Leg Bandages?   
You may use bandages on your horse if they are used to them, or if they just aren't the best travelers. They must be on when the horse is shipped. We cannot reset a bandage that falls down but we will remove a slipped bandage to insure your horses' comfort and safety.

Who supplies Halters and Leads?
These will be provided by shipper/owner and should be worn at time of shipping. 

What if its cold?   
Blankets must be provided by the shipper will be added or removed according to the outside temperature.

What about equipment?  
A tack trunk is expected to accompany the horse; if you have more or it is larger that normal, just let us know and we'll plan accordingly.  Remember that we are not responsible for equipment, as it will be transported for free with the horse.   

What about layovers?  
Layover trips are at the request of those shipping. Special arrangements are available.  

What about Health Papers?   
The following are guidelines for proper documentation for transporting your horse. Please contact appropriate State or Federal agencies for the most recent legal requirements.

Documentation of a negative coggins test no older then one year for most states; six months for California and Canada.

Health certificates are only valid if they are original, or the carbon copy given by the vet.  A photo copy is invalid.  If a horse that is listed on the certificate does not go on the trip, leave it on the health certificate.  If you write on the health certificate in becomes invalid.  Tell anyone who asks that the horse didn't come along. Original Health certificates issued by the vet are good for 30 days.

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